Soccer – Boys

Convenor: Matt Hull – Abbotsford PS

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Competition starts Friday, 28th April, 2017

In the event of a forfeit, the non-forfeiting team receives 3 competition points with a 3 – 0 score recorded as the result.


Semis and Finals 2017

Here is the update to the friendly/skill development draw for the last 3 weeks of the season (another school has pulled out of the rest of the season). Please check the draw carefully as there has been changes to grounds/teams played including Croydon Park, Burwood and Abbotsford having a bye in Weeks 4, 5 and 6 respectively. If you have a bye, the grounds listed are free to be used by your school for training or skill development.

Term 3 Week 4 (Friday, 11th August 2017)


Abbotsford PS vs Enfield PS                                                                        Campbell Park 1

Summer Hill PS vs Strathfield North PS                                                       Strathfield Park 1

Croydon Park PS vs Bye                                                                               Henley Park 3

Five Dock PS vs Homebush PS                                                                    Nield Park 1

Mortlake PS vs Croydon PS                                                                         Sid Richards 3

Newington PS vs Burwood PS                                                                     St Lukes Park 1

Concord West PS vs Concord PS                                                              Queen Elizabeth Park 1


Term 3 Week 5 (Friday, 18th August 2017)


Abbotsford PS vs Homebush PS                                                                 Campbell Park 1

Enfield PS vs Strathfield North PS                                                                Henley Park 3

Five Dock PS vs Summer Hill PS                                                                   Nield Park 1

Mortlake PS vs Newington PS                                                                     Sid Richards Park 3

Concord West PS vs Croydon PS                                                               Queen Elizabeth Park 1

Burwood PS vs Bye                                                                                       St Lukes Park 1

Concord PS vs Croydon Park PS                                                                Queen Elizabeth Park 2


Term 3 Week 6 (Friday, 25th August 2017)


Abbotsford PS vs Bye                                                                                   Campbell Park 1

Summer Hill PS vs Croydon Park PS                                                            Henley Park 1

Enfield PS vs Croydon PS                                                                             Henley Park 3

Five Dock PS vs Concord West PS                                                             Sid Richards Park 3

Mortlake PS vs Burwood PS                                                                         St Lukes Park 1

Newington PS vs Strathfield North PS                                                        Strathfield Park 1

Concord PS vs Homebush PS                                                                     Queen Elizabeth Park 1

Thank you for your patience with the changes.

Congratulations to Abbotsford PS Juniors and Summer Hill PS Juniors for being Joint Champions today after a 1-1 (AET) draw.

Congratulations to Summer Hill PS Seniors and Newington PS Seniors for also being Joint Champions today after a 0-0 (AET) draw. This is the second year in a row where both grand finals ended in draws!



Boys Soccer Draw 2017 Version 4

Boys Soccer Draw 2017 Version 3

Boys Soccer Draw 2017 Version 2

Boys Soccer Draw 2017 Version 1

Boys Soccer Rules 2017

Schools must order their own buses to and from the venues.

Boys Soccer Field Maps 2017

Please email all results directly to the convenor by Monday 12 noon following your round or no points will be awarded.

For season results click here


Date:                     Tuesday, 2 May, 2017

Time:                     9.00am – 12.00pm

Equipment:            Boots, socks, sports shorts, shin pads and water bottles including recess and lunch

Convenors:            Matt Hull  – Abbotsford Public School

Phone:                   9713 6220– Abbotsford Public School

Fax:                       9712 1825 (All Western Suburb players to use this number to fax your details to Mr Hull)

Venue:                   Campbell Park, Bibby St, Chiswick

Weather:               If the weather is inclement, participating schools would be notified whether the trials are going ahead or not.

Cost:                       Nil

Zone Soccer Boys Trials 2017

  • As per last year, schools must order their own buses to and from the venues.
  • At this stage there is no levy charged by the Canada Bay Council for the use of the sporting facilities however levies for the use of Henley Park may be discussed in the next meeting. Thanks for all the schools for booking a home ground.


  • All results should be faxed to the relevant Convener by Monday 11am following your round or no points will be awarded.
Update 1.8.12
Subject to weather, Round 12 of the Soccer draw will proceed on Friday as per Version 4 of the draw published on 24.7.12.
However, the “catch up round” (CUR) between Summer Hill and Enfield will be played the following Friday (10.8.12) at Henley. This means Summer Hill has the bye this week.
This is the only (CUR) game that needs to be played as everyone in Pool 1 and 2 has played one another. If schools wish to organise a friendly on 10.8.12 it is up to them to make the necessary arrangements.
The Semi-Finals and Finals will be played at Henley Park on the dates published in version 4 of the draw and if schools who miss out on the semis are interested in friendlies I’d ask you to advise me once the semi-finalists are published.
Mark L. Fitzgerald
Soccer Convener (Relieving)
Enfield PS